'a new brand for the old town'

DVD of 'a new brand for the old town'

The DVD contains the students’ work:

  • 10 videos (over 60 min) of the urban design propositions
  • 3 ebooks (over 500 pages) of approaches to the Arab culture, Syria and Damascus
  • foto-sound-scapes (almost 3h audio) of the guided tours during the excursion in March 2009

The DVD can be ordered online at the urban design studio blog.

Damascus: A historic living city must not become a theme park

article on city mayors by Jula-Kim Sieber

16 October 2009: How can ancient cities benefit from the UNESCO world heritage badge and simultaneously avoid becoming a ‘Walt Disney’ for tourists? Syria’s capital, Damascus, is the oldest continuously lived in city in the world and is in danger of this phenomenon. With its five-star hotels and so-called ‘VIP pockets’, the locals are being driven out in droves.

old city in new bloom

architekturclips.de hat den Film 'old city in new bloom' von Leonie Plänkers, Catherina Schuster, Julia Wiengarten und Humberto Sarabia in seine Datenbank aufgenommen. Dieser Film ist im eMagazin von german-architcts.com zum Film der Woche geworden und bei world-architects.com gefeatured..

new life in old walls

architekturvideos.de hat den Film 'new life in old walls' von Leonie Plänkers, Catherina Schuster und Julia Wiengarten präsentiert.